What’s the longest someone has been pregnant?

What’s the longest someone has been pregnant?
30 facts about pregnancy. The longest recorded pregnancy was 375 days. According to a 1945 entry in Time Magazine, a woman named Beulah Hunter gave birth in Los Angeles nearly 100 days after the average 280-day pregnancy. 5 myths. Myth: The shape of your belly can predict the gender of your baby.

When should I stop working during pregnancy?
A woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy should be allowed to and encouraged to continue working for as long as she chooses. This actually means you can work without interruption until the onset of labor.

Is husband allowed in Labour room in Dubai?
Your baby will stay with you at the hospital The opportunity for mother-baby bonding during these vital early hours and days is encouraged by hospitals in Dubai, and many private hospitals will allow your husband to be present in the room when you give birth, and even stay over.

Is dental treatment tax deductible in Malaysia?
Full medical check-up, mental health check-up or consultation, COVID-19 detection test including the purchase of self-test kit for the taxpayer, spouse or child limited to RM8,000; and. Dental treatment and examinations of up to RM1,000 performed by dental practitioners registered under the Malaysian Dental Council.

Is takaful tax deductible?
Yes, you will be eligible for personal tax relief when you participate in any takaful plans. For individuals outside the pensionable public servant category, tax relief for Family Takaful is restricted to RM3,000 while contribution to the EPF or approved scheme is entitled to a restricted tax relief of RM4,000.

How do I claim my SST refund?
SST return has to be submitted not later than the last day of the following month after the taxable period ended. The return must be submitted regardless of whether there is any tax to be paid or not. The return can be submitted through electronically or by post to SST Processing Centre.

Can both husband and wife claim child relief Malaysia?
Spouses living together cannot claim 50% each. If the husband and wife are separated and both spending on the child’s maintenance, then they can claim 50% each. Read more about: 2022 tax deductions and rebates.

What sports equipment is eligible for tax relief in Malaysia?
The extensive list of sports equipment eligible for tax relief in Malaysia includes golf balls and shuttlecocks, and payment for gym memberships. Motorised equipment, bicycles, treadmills and club memberships that provide the use of gym facilities are excluded in this claim.

What is monthly tax deduction Malaysia?
MTD is a mechanism in which employers deduct monthly tax payments from the employment income of their employees. Employers rely on an employee’s personal data submitted to their Human Resource (HR) department to compute monthly MTDs.

Can Netflix be tax-deductible?
Examples of When Subscriptions Are Deductible A business owner in the movie industry (videographer, script writer, talent scout, etc.) that uses Netflix to pay attention to new releases, movie ratings, and reviews can deduct it as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Is 5 weeks pregnant a baby?
By week 5, your baby has burrowed into the wall of your uterus. It is now called an embryo and measures about 2mm from end to end. The foundations for all of the major organs are in place. The baby is inside an amniotic sac, a bag of fluid that protects it.

How many hours a pregnant woman should work?
If a pregnant employee begins to work over 40 hours a week and is subject to a lot of stress, it could be harmful to their health and the health of their unborn child.

How much is NICU per day in Dubai?
Currently, the daily charges at an NICU ward at a government hospital are anywhere between Dh2,000 to Dh4,000 and this does not cover medication and the laboratory investigation fees.

What is not taxed in Malaysia?
Monies received as death gratuity are fully exempted from income tax. Any monies paid by way of scholarship to an individual whether or not in connection with the employment of that individual are exempted from income tax. Money received for cultural performances approved by the Minister is exempted from tax.

How do I get a refund from LHDN?
Kindly contact the Branch where your file is handled or the Customer Care Officer (CCO) of the respective Branch or call Hasil Care Line at toll-free 03-8911 1000 for further information on your refund status.

How much tax can I save?
What is a Tax Saving Calculator? The tax saving calculator is a simulation, that calculates the taxes saved by using the Section 80C tax deductions. Section 80C is a popular tax-saving deduction where you can save up to a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh per financial year, using certain investments and expenses.

Is ACCA fees tax deductible in Malaysia?
If the ACCA exam results in a formal qualification and meets the other eligibility you may be able to claim it as a work-related self-education deduction.

What is the maximum income tax rate in Malaysia?
Starting from 0%, the tax rate in Malaysia goes up to 30% for the highest income band. Based on your chargeable income for 2023, we can calculate how much tax you will be paying for last year’s assessment.

Is buying a car tax-deductible Malaysia?
Income Tax Act 1967 Schedule 3 stated clearly that the maximum qualifying expenditure for a private vehicle (not licensed on a commercial basis) is RM50,000 (RM100,000 if the purchased vehicle is a new vehicle and its value is less than RM150,000), this is why everybody believe register private vehicle under company …

Can I claim my Iphone on tax?
Can I claim my mobile phone as tax deduction? The answer is YES. However, you must genuinely use your mobile phone for work purpose to be eligible to claim a tax deduction. Example: Often people use their mobile phone during work or after work hours to contact staff & management.

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